Beaver Looks Impressive in Win Over Worthington Scranton

Penn State Beaver versus Penn State Worthington Scranton
Penn State Beaver versus Penn State Worthington Scranton

By: Evan Pinchot 

Rochester, Pa -- The Penn State Beaver women's soccer team takes on Penn State Worthington Scranton for aonther conference matchup late in the year. The two teams both come into this game looking to take home a big win that would boost their conference standing as the regular season draws close to an end. Beaver is looking to repeat their performance from a week ago in which they beat Worthington Scranton on the road 14-4. 

Just as Beaver did in their last matchup against Worthington Scranton, the team controlled the ball from the very first whiste to the very last. The game started off quickly thanks to a goal by Beaver's Lauren Banks which seemingly opened the flood gates for the rest of Beaver's goals. The team was constantly on the attack and generated a lot of good shots from a very short range. When it was all said and done, it was Beaver's offense that won them this game as the girls won by an impressive score of 10-1. 

Beaver played one of their best games this season against Penn State Worthington Scranton. With a lot of goals scored in this game, Beaver's key preformer was Senior Jessica Spina, who buried three shots in the back of the net helping to effectivley end this game very early on. The team now sits at 5-8 overall with a 3-4 conference record. The girl's next game will be on Sunday, October 16, at home against Penn State Mont Alto. Game time is set for 1 pm.