Beaver Girls Get First Win of the Season Against Christendom

Penn State Beaver versus Christendom
Penn State Beaver versus Christendom

By: Evan Pinchot

The Penn State Beaver girls come into their game versus Christendom looking to make up for a tough loss from the night before as they dropped their first game of the season to Maine Fort Kent. This game looked to be a little easier of match for Beaver though as Christendom did not have much success the first day of the tournament.

The first set started off with Beaver dominating right out of the gate. Christendom didn't seem to know how to get anything started as the Beaver girls didn't let up an inch, and when the first set was all said and done Beaver had won by a score of 25-14.

The second set started off the same as the first one as Beaver jumped out to a huge lead over a lifeless Christendom. As Beaver kept pushing, mistakes on Christendom's part helped to finally give Beaver the win in the second set with a score of 25-15.

Unlike the first two sets, the third set started off with Christendom looking very strong. They pulled ahead early and took advantage of what seemed to be a Beaver team that thought they had this match in the bag. Beaver tried getting it together towards the end of the set but it didn't matter much as Christendom continued to play well enough to kill any momentum the Beaver girls had. In the end Beaver dropped this set by a score of 16-25.

The fourth set of this match started off similar to the third, with Christendom coming out strong with an early lead. However, this time Beaver got it together and battled to tie the set up at 14-14. After that the game went back and forth with neither team looking to be in control. In the end Beaver just barely edged out Christendom after gaining some momentum, as they won the set by a score of 26-24, and winning the match 3-1.

This match looked to be in the bag for Beaver at the end of the second set, but with a strong preformance by Christendom towards the end the Beaver girls managed to come away with a good victory anyway. Beaver's Jenna Petrucci really helped to lead her team to victory as he racked up 10 kills and 5 service aces throughout the match. The girls play their next game in the tournament against Penn State Fayette later today.