Lady Lions Win at Du Bois

Jess Hughes at the mound.
Jess Hughes at the mound.

Du Bois, PA -- Lady Lions Win at Du Bois 

By: Chris Rotondo

The Lady Lions traveled to Penn State Du Bois Saturday afternoon for an intense double header. Beaver won both games in stunning defeats, going 2-0 for the day. 

Game 1 was an intense game, with Beaver scoring 12 runs all in the third inning, the only runs of the game. Going into the top of the third, Beaver looked to make a mark in the scoreless game. Torey Cassidy made the first run of the game, as Vanessa Jackson singled with an RBI. Jackson and Tara McFadden each ran home soon after, as Kayla Campbell singled with an RBI, making it to second on the play. Soon, Dina Cable also singled with an RBI as Jess Hughes made a run. 

Still in the third, Brittany Zahn stepped up to bat. Zahn doubled with 3 RBIs, giving the team a 7-0 lead. Brittany Garza then stepped up to bat, earning a triple with 2 RBIs. Garza soon ran home herself as Jackson returned to bat, doubling with an RBI. Jackson and hughes made the last runs of the game, as Campbell doubled with 2 RBIs. The game ended at 6 innings, with Beaver taking a 12-0 win.


Game 2 started with Beaver making 3 runs in the first. Campbell grounded out with an RBI, with McFadden running home. Then, Brenna Cepull singled with 2 RBIs, giving Beaver a 3-0 lead. Du Bois made 2 runs at the bottom of the first and 3 in the second, with Beaver trailing 5-3. Beaver came back in the third, earning an additional eight runs and four hits. McFadden and Jackson each singled with 2 RBIs, while Cable doubled with 2 RBIs. 

Beaver made an additional 3 runs and 2 hits in the fourth, and 2 innings in the fifth, with Campbell and Cepull both doubling with an RBI each. Beaver came out with an impressive 16-5 victory.

The team is now 18-12 overall and 11-5 in their conference matches. They will face off against Du Bois again at home tomorrow afternoon in another double header.