Beaver Defeats New Kensington at Home

Zack Cossette runs to second.
Zack Cossette runs to second.

Monaca, PA -- Beaver Faces New Kensington at Home

By: Chris Rotondo

Playing their first games since in nearly a month, Beaver played their first home games of the season Friday afternoon after weather caused numerous cancellations and postponements. Taking on Penn State New Kensington, Beaver went 2-0 in their pair of conference matchups.

The first game started with Beaver gaining an early lead. Justyn Francona tripled on a 2 RBI, as Matt Capo and Stefan Romaniuk both scored. Francona would score moments later, as Scott Hughes grounded out. Beaver led 3-0 at the bottom of the first. In the bottom of the second, Romaniuk reached first base after a right field error. This gave Mitchel Lazzaretti an unearned point.

In the third, New Kensington gave a push for a tie, but Beaver kept on top of them coming into the bottom of the third. Francona singled to left field with an RBI as Ty Cole scored.

After a scoreless fourth inning, New Kensington gained 2 points in the top of the fifth. Those would be the final points earned in the game, as Beaver won 6-5.


Game 2 also proved victorious for Beaver. New Kensington gained an early 2 point lead in the first, but Beaver made it on the board thanks to a run to home from Romaniuk, as Cole singled with an RBI. Beaver tied the game at 2 in the bottom of the second, after Scott Hughes ran to home.

From there, Beaver played a cautious games, keeping New Kensington away from home. The team pushed ahead in the bottom of the third, as Romaniuk scored on a wild pitch. This gave Beaver a 3-2 lead. The bottom of the fourth gave Shelton Hilliard a chance to single with an RBI, while Hughes scored.

In the bottom of the sixth, Beaver gained an impressive 5 points, giving them a sharp lead from New Kensington. Hilliard scored first, as Romaniuk earned a triple and an RBI. Romaniuk went on to score on a wild pitch, with Capo advancing to second. Capo also scored following a double RBI from Cole. A scoreless top of the seventh led Beaver to a 10-2 win.

The team is now 3-7 in their overall season and 2-0 in their conference matchups. They will take on Penn State New Kensington again tomorrow as the visiting team in another double header.