Beaver Suffers Rough Losses Saturday

Mitchel Lazzaretti at first.
Mitchel Lazzaretti at first.

Pittsburgh, PA -- Beaver Suffers Rough Losses Saturday

By: Chris Rotondo

Beaver went on the road Saturday to take on Penn State Greater Allegheny in another double-header, their second against the team in 2 days. Beaver struggled in both games, going 0-2 for the day.

Game 1 started with Beaver making the first run of the game at the top of the second. Logan Gibbons hit a sacrifice fly, with Justyn Francona running home. At the top of the third, Francona hit a ground ball, with Shelton Hilliard running home. The team enjoyed a 2-0 lead, but that changed at the bottom of the third, when Greater Allegheny made 4 runs. 

At the top of the fourth, Beaver regained the lead, earning 3 runs. Hilliard hit a sacrifice fly, with Gibbons scoring. Ty Cole singled a fly ball to right field, with Stefan Romaniuk running home. Francona later singled to second base, as Mitchell Lazaretti ran home. At the end of the fourth, Beaver led 5-4.

However, Greater Allegheny soon regained the lead, making 4 runs in the fifth and 2 in the sixth. Beaver was able to make 2 runs in the seventh, with Scott Hughes hitting a ground ball and Gibbons hitting a fly ball to left field. That was not enough, however, as Beaver fell 10-7 in 7 innings.


Game 2 fared worse for the team, as Greater Allegheny made 10 runs in the first 3 innings, while Beaver made none. Beaver didn't go on the board until the fourth, gaining 3 runs. Lazaretti hit a sacrifice fly to left field, while Daniel Vanderslice hit a massive homer to center field. 

Beaver also made 3 runs at the top of the fifth, with Matt Capo and Zach Cosette each scoring on a Greater Allegheny error. Meanwhile, David Simmons hit a single as Romaniuk ran home. Despite these efforts, Beaver was not close to tieing the game. Greater Allegheny pushed ahead even further, gaining 4 runs at the bottom of the fifth and 1 run in the sixth. The game ended after 6 innings due to the mercy rule, with Beaver falling 16-6.

The team is now 5-12 overall and 4-5 in their conference matches. They will return home Tuesday for a double header against Penn State Fayette.