Beaver Ends Regular Season With Fayette Win

Zack Cossette at bat.
Zack Cossette at bat.

Lemont Furnace, PA -- Beaver Ends Season With Fayette Win

By: Chris Rotondo

Penn State Beaver went on the road Monday afternoon, taking on Penn State Fayette in a division conference game. Beaver came back with a massive 11-6 win.

Beaver gained a run at the top of the first, with Matt Capo running home as Stefan Romaniuk hit a ground ball. Fayette gained 3 runs at the bottom of the first, gaining the lead. After a scoreless second and third, Beaver made 3 runs in the fourth, gaining the lead. Scott Hughes hit a sacrifice fly, while Capo and Zack Cossette each singled with an RBI. With that, Beaver took a 4-3 lead.

After a scoreless fifth, Fayette made 2 runs in the sixth, gaining the lead again. That didn't last long, as Beaver made 4 runs at the top of the seventh. Hughes singled to right field, and later, Capo did the same, with Mitchell Lazaretti and Shelton Hilliard each running home. The eighth went scoeless, but Beaver made 3 more runs in the ninth. Dan Vanderslice singled out to left field, as Romaniuk and Justyn Francona each made runs. The game ended with an 11-6 win from Beaver.

Beaver ends their regular season with an 8-15 overall record, and 7-8 in their conference matches. They will begin their playoff push Friday afternoon, taking on Penn State Greater Allegheny.